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Is deriving highly accurate soccer bets really possible? If so, why everyone seems to be losing to their sportsbooks?
Yes, deriving the right predictions for soccer bets are definitely possible. Before the start of a match, the sportsbooks
have already predicted the probability of the outcome. And that is why you see different handicaps for different matches.
The handicaps posted and payout odds actually give an indication of the outcome of a match. Simply put it this way,
sportbooks will never put their dollars at high risk, handicaps and odds posted in the sportsbooks are meticulously
calculated based on several past records and information. (They expected the probability) Our software will calculate
over 19,000+ algorithms of odds data collected over the years for almost every minor and major leagues.


Is it possible to lose my bets with your software?
First, our software ensures consistent winnings and do not claim that it will never make you lose a single bet.
Our analysis is very precise and will be able to analyze and tell you the most possible winning team.
We do guarantee profits over at least 7 days of following the predictions derived by the software.
Spread your stakes equally on the bets derived by the software and we guarantee that you will see consistent profit
month after month. We are sure that no other software or 'tipsters' can do this better than us!
Having our software is as good as hiring a professional bets analyst by your side.

I have seen many sites claiming themselves as 'soccer tipsters'. Are human analysis more reliable?
No, human analysis can never be more precise than software analysis. We do not know how these 'tipsters' exactly
derive their predictions, as far as we know they usually can't keep up with consistency. Handicaps and odds data are
usually posted 24hours before kick-off of a match, It is just impossible for any humans to analyze so much of data within
hours before start of a match. Human can probably analyze and screen through only 2-3 matches' data a day, our
software can handle hundreds of matches available in a day and analyzes tens of thousands of data under minutes
with high precision.
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